1st HackerSPACE training program

1st HackerSPACE training program is successfully completed this month. Two months long Python training program started in Dec 2014. 8 girls successfully completed the training program. ZestyBeanz Technologies provided financial support for the training program. Training was lead by Dr Lalitha Prasad, former Head of Corporate Learning Centre, Tata Consultancy Services, Trivandrum. Experts from ZestyBeanz and SPACE also gave lectures to the participants.

SPACE-KERALA teams up with Global Fund for Women on the IGNITE International Girls

Hackathon to give girls more and better access to “safe spaces” globally SPACE-KERALA is thrilled to partner with Global Fund for Women on the IGNITE International Girls Hackathon to bring together girl coders from around the world. We are leading the India Hackathon event February 14-15, where girls will contribute their talent, ideas, and creativity to build real world solutions to a critical challenge facing women and girls: access to safe spaces.


Providing Insight to Autistic Children [Indian Express News on 3rd Dec 2014]

Gone are the days when parents of autistic children had to run from pillar to post to get help to bring their child into the mainstream. They knew that diagnosis and intervention at the right time would help their children. But how to intervene after diagnosis was the big question. Allaying every fear, new technology has come into their midst like a messiah, thanks to ‘Insight’, a Thiruvananthapuram-based firm which has revolutionised the rehabilitation of autistic children.

Context Free Art - Making art with simple code

Digital art uses digital technology for artistic creations and presentations. The field in general, covers areas of painting, sculpture, audio/music, video/cinema, publishing, textile designing, animation etc. Digital art is the intersection of computer programming, mathematics and art.


Context Free Art(CFA) is a free software for for generating digital art in the form of 2-d images. Based on a simple set of rules, software creates imageries. These rules can be combinatorial and/or iterative. You can generate new shapes from exisiting shapes. Beautiful and compilcated shapes including fractal images can be generated using these simple rules.


Education freedom day

SPACE and the free software community in the city organized public exhibition on free software and free knowledge on Education Freedom Day- 18th January 2014 at the bandstand of Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram.The exhibition showcased various free software and free hardware for education and privacy protection.


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