Development of Apps for Insight Project

The 55 web applications developed by SPACE assist differently abled children in improving their vocabulary, daily routine, personal hygiene, comprehension, emotions and reasoning as well as develop academic skills in areas such as arithmetic and grammar. The education apps cover the following areas under nine different headings: English, Malayalam, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Reasoning, DLS, Feelings and Social Stories.


Development of Lekha OCR

Christened with the indigenous name Lekha (meaning “writing”), and developed with funding from ICFOSS, Lekha OCR is a Malayalam Optical Character Recognizer (OCR) developed by SPACE. This software converts scanned images of Malayalam text into editable format.

Event Date: 
Thu, 2016-03-31

Localisation of Educational Tools

With the support of Centre for Disability Studies (CeDS), SPACE is involved in the localisation of educational tools for differently abled children for the Insight project. As part of this, GCompris, a set of educational tools has been translated from English to Malayalam and its content localised and made more relevant – for example, by changing the names of some animals, food items, currency (dollars to rupees) etc.

System Admin Training for Lab Staff

From March 21-23, 2016, System Admin training was conducted for the lab staff of all engineering departments of Idukki Engineering College, which was inaugurated by the Principal. Though initially there were about 30 staff participating, this strength dwindled to 5 or 6 attendees in the subsequent days. The training covered installation, command line, customization, package installation and server management. An important part of the training was guiding them on how to migrate from Windows network to Linux.

Event Date: 
Wed, 2016-03-23


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