A talk on Free Software at LBS Engg College, Poojappura

A one and a half hour session on Free Software was conducted at LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura for students of IT and CS Department on January 10th 2014.  About 63 students participated.

It was an awareness program and it covered the ideology of free software and free knowledge, its possibilities for technical students. Various free hardwares and free software tools were also introduced for the students.

A Private ( Open ;) ) Investigation Into The Mystery Of Hard Disk

It is always an exquisite experience to see and feel something that has only been heard of so far. Yesterday(30/11/2013) we all at SPACE underwent such moments as we were asked to open up a Hard Disk unexpectedly.

That was not a part of our schedule and obviously we got stuck for a few seconds. But in moments each of us took charge and we were all set for this ‘endeavour’. Indu was so excited about this that she tried to open the Hard Disk with her hair pin, as she couldn’t help waiting for the tool box.

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