A Private ( Open ;) ) Investigation Into The Mystery Of Hard Disk

It is always an exquisite experience to see and feel something that has only been heard of so far. Yesterday(30/11/2013) we all at SPACE underwent such moments as we were asked to open up a Hard Disk unexpectedly.

That was not a part of our schedule and obviously we got stuck for a few seconds. But in moments each of us took charge and we were all set for this ‘endeavour’. Indu was so excited about this that she tried to open the Hard Disk with her hair pin, as she couldn’t help waiting for the tool box.

In moments we removed the labels, screws and then the control circuits attached to the hard disk. Then we tried to open up the box gently, then moderately and wildly at last. Still we failed pathetically. Then a knife (we have used it only to cut fruits so far.. now onwards its status will be upgraded ) came to rescue us. And by applying lots of human power we finally could open the Hard Disk….













It was worth watching what was inside……! The magnetic Disk and the Spindle. The magnetic Disk was so clear that it would put even a clean mirror to shame. During our college days movements of Spindle over the magnetic disk was a vague idea for us. But the first sight itself cleared all the ambiguities. Then Jinu said “Now I feel like an Engineer”. Actually we all felt the same.


 Mirror Display






And quite naturally, the table on which the Hard Disk was kept opened, was surrounded by cameras(ranging from mobile phone to DSLR).

FLASHES ******* FLASHES *********** FLASHES ********








And someone from this crowd threw a comment , which is still flashing through my mind -

“Guys, I doubt seriously if it is a celebrity ! “

A Celebrity ?????

Yes .. Of Course. - ” The Star of the Day (30/11/2013) ”


Finally “Hacker SPACE” came alive


We shall be exploring more in the coming weeks. Next is to recycle the Hard Disk and make something.

'you are also welcome to join'.

'Girls Listening ????'