Two more Break Point Winners

We have 2 more break point winners today. 'Sourabh' from IISc became the 4th break point winner from the student category.He solved the question soon after its first clue release. It will be a tough competition for other students right now. We got our 5th and final break point winner from Techie/others category just some minutes after the first clue was released. 'Ragesh V' from Infosys broke the 23rd question (final break point question) and congratz to both 'Sourabh' & 'Ragesh V' from the space team.


75k Attempts, 200+ telegram users

SwatantraHunt reached yet another milestone today. We have 200plus users on our official telegram group and the total number of attempts  crossed 75,000. Moving on to its final phase, we announced some game behaviour changes that is intended for tighter but fair competition. Game schedule is published such that student section game and techie section game will end on 27th November and 1st December 2017 respectively.

SwatantraHunt - Game Schedule Published.

Unlike other online treasure hunts, Swatantra Treasure Hunt is using a different approach to declare winners.

First, Second and Third prizes have separate questions for deciding the winner.

The Question used for deciding the first prize winner has no effect in deciding the second prize winner.

First prize winner is one who breaks the first prize question or who remains in the leading position at the prize declaration time. ( 25th November 9pm for students..) See the table..


SwatantraHunt Into Its Final Phase

Today onwards, SwatantraHunt will change its game nature and the closing date for both student and techie will be announced by 5 pm. The behaviour of the game will be changed in such a way that people putting their maximum effort and intelligence will have more probability of  winning the prize.

NB:* Please read the following guidelines about the game behaviour carefully before proceeding further.

  • Both Student and Techie hunters will have one more breakpoint question.
  • The number of clues will be reduced to atmost 2  after the breakpoint question.
  • The clues will be released only if the situation demands it. Cluemaster has the full authority in deciding such matters.
  •  Clues will be released at irregular intervals.
  •  FirstClue release announcement will be notified atleast 1hr before it is released.
  •  If a person breaks the question without any clue, that question will have less chances of getting a clue.
  •  If a person breaks the question on the first clue, that question will have less chances of getting the second clue.

If you need any clarification, message @  or



Hurray ! We have 1K Hunters

SwatantraHunt crossed another milestone today. We now have 1000 users registerd at SwatantraHunt. Special thanks for all those who helped us in spreading the hunt wide and we acheived this target in just 6 days. It was an incredible performance since the hunt launched and it definitely received warm welcome in both student and techie community . We are progressing quickly to 70K total attempts. 



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