Two more Break Point Winners

We have 2 more break point winners today. 'Sourabh' from IISc became the 4th break point winner from the student category.He solved the question soon after its first clue release. It will be a tough competition for other students right now. We got our 5th and final break point winner from Techie/others category just some minutes after the first clue was released. 'Ragesh V' from Infosys broke the 23rd question (final break point question) and congratz to both 'Sourabh' & 'Ragesh V' from the space team.

Break point questions are finished , and game from here onwards follows the new clue pattern strategy The first prize question for students will be released by tomorrow 8pm and we will get our first prize winner on/before 25th Saturday 2017, at  9.00 pm. All the best for every participants...