ICT Workshop at Autism Sisu Kshema Kendram, Trissur

A two day ICT Workshop  was conducted at Autism Sisu Kshema Kendram, Trissur on 28th and 29th of October, 2019.  About 15 Special Education Trainers from the Institute  Of Autism Sisu Kshema Kendram participated in the workshop. With technology becoming more important and useful every day, a variety of education software aimed at children with autism is now available. Many general educational software titles can also be tailored for autistic children. Such softwares were introduced  to Trainers on this two day event.

The first day Of the workshop started with installing and  setting up educational softwares and games in the Linux machines, which where provided from the Institute by the resourse person from SPACE, Mr. Jithin Thankachan. The softwares installed includes childsplay, tuxmath, extremetuxracer, pysycache, supertux, supertuxkart, tuxmath, tuxpaint, tuxtype klettres, ktuberling, gcompris  and pysiogame. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational.

Following the Installation, the resource person Gopika from SPACE, demonstrated  how to run each softwares and gave techniques to do each activities. She also explained how effective is this method of teaching aid for education, therapy goals, encouraging communication, and developing important social skills in kids with autism spectrum. The workshop greatly helped trainers in implementing technology in special education.