Malayalam Computing Workshop using NLP, TKM College of Engineering

IEEE THM’19 conducted Malayalam Computing Workshop using NLP on October 12th 2019, at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam.The workshop was handled by resource person from SPACE, Mr.Sachin Gracious. It focussed on providing a basic introduction to NLP,and Malayalam computing. About 20 members from different engineering colleges who are the IEEE members attended the workshop.

The workshop started at 10.00 am introducing how to process malayalam text using NLP. NLP is a computational technique for analyzing and representing natural language at one or more levels of linguistic analysis for the purpose of achieving human like language processing. The major area of NLP will be Text processing, tokenisg, Morphology analysis,POS tagging, Parsing etc . Mr Sachin gave hands-on session on processing malayalam text using python language. He demonstrated the major area of filtering and cleaning sentences from a given text, splitting sentences from a paragraph, spell checking of document/files/text and tokenisation, which  is taking a text or set of text and breaking it up into its individual words. The session concluded at 3.00 pm