Onam celebration - 2k19

Onam Festival falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam. It is the biggest festival celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by people of all communities in Kerala. It commemorates the subsequent homecoming of the legendary Emperor Mahabali. Onam is reminiscent of Kerala’s agrarian past and is the harvest festival of Kerala.

SPACE celebrated Onam on 7th September 2019. We had made all the arrangements for the awaited Onam celebration within our team.Firstly the inevitable item, the swing was tied prior to the special day.

The most important part of the Onam celebration was none other than the Athapookkalam. The team Selected the variety boat in the living space design for this year, which symbolizes a helping hand who raised to save the life of the many during the flood times of KERALA.  Pookalam drawing was done by JImmy, one of our team members. The flowers for the design were arranged by our Sachin and Yadu from our team. The program set off at 9 AM with setting up the flower and making it available for commencing the Athapookkalam. All the charming ladies together with the former SPACE staff started the activity of making Pookalam.








As the Athapookkalam went live “Umikkari” was the most highlighted part which was used for the boat design. The black-colored boat which will be well suited with Umikkari has been suggested by our new member of SPACE Aasha,  The team had got an opportunity to reunite with everyone by rocking one another during the celebration.

Of course, the Onam celebrations are incomplete without the traditional lunch or the elaborate Onam Sadhya. The special items were banana chips, mango and lime pickle, tamarind and ginger chutney, rice with coconut essence, pachadi, avial, saabar, rasam, moru, pappadam and payasam served on a banana leaf. Something that is an indulgence and feast not only for taste buds but also a visual treat. Followed by Onam Sadhya, we were all set for the games. Games like Uriyadi,Sundhariku Pottuthodal and Carrom board championship.






We have found our great Uriyadi specialist of SPACE, proudly present to you, Simla L S. Then we conducted Sunderiku Pottuthodal.








Our talented artist Jimmy give the life of a picture of a beautiful girl. Finally, we found the correct match for our Sundari and it is non-other than Sachin. Eventually, we conducted Carrom board championship. All the members were split into 6 groups. Out of the two groups reached the semi-finals our Carrom board winners were Jimmy & Simla and the first runner up were Suhai &Anju










Gifts were also distributed to all winners on this special occasion . It was really a memorable day for us and had a lot of fun. The Onam function came to an end around 6 pm.