WWW - Women with WWW

As part of its 10th anniversary programs, SPACE organised a seminar and workshop on Safe and Effective use of Internet at  at Govt. Women's College, Vazhuthacaud from 11 to 13th Nov 2013.

The pervasive presence of information technology demands a new kind of awareness among women, for whom this technology has opened up new opportunities as well as challenges. Women have become victims to new forms of violence perpetrated by means of technology to the extent that it has escalated into a social issue which has unfortunately not been adequately addressed, as technology is something that confounds many people. Addressing this issue and promoting the safe use of technology among women were  the main motive behind this endeavour. 

For Women, By Women

 “If you have something that you don’t  want anyone to know, may be you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”, said Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO. Most of us do not think about privacy while using technologies to communicate about us and those around us, until we meet with violation of our privacy. It would often be too late by that time. Internet with its near infinite memory would be having much more information about us that we would want it to. 

ADHD Awareness Programme

October being ADHD awareness month, an awareness programme was organised on the 28th of this month. Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr. Dinesh of Child Psychiatry of Trivandrum Medical College graced the occasion by their presence. Dr. Anil Kumar, the Guest speaker, apprised the parents about ADHD, its features, different forms of manifestations, its management, medication etc through video. Nearly 20 parents got the rare opportunity to listen to such a dedicated and experienced speaker.

Event Date: 
Mon, 2013-10-28

Session on HTML5 and Firefox OS App at Central Polytechnic Trivandrum (CPT)

A half day session on HTML5 and Firefox OS App was held in the forenoon of September 28th for the 5th semester students of Central Polytechnic Trivandrum (CPT).

Event Date: 
Sat, 2013-09-28

Software Freedom Day Celebration at Kalpetta with MSSRF

This year SPACE organised Software Freedom Day Celebration at Kalpetta jointly with MSSRF. Highlight of this years SFD celebration was setting up of free software lab in a tribal hamlet. Two machines with free software has been now installed in Kolagappara village near Kaniyapetta. Two young girls from the locality Ms.Bindu and Ms.Sujatha were trained as volunteer to manage the centre. Mozilla WebMaker camp was organised prior to the SFD celebrations.


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