System Admin Training for Lab Staff

From March 21-23, 2016, System Admin training was conducted for the lab staff of all engineering departments of Idukki Engineering College, which was inaugurated by the Principal. Though initially there were about 30 staff participating, this strength dwindled to 5 or 6 attendees in the subsequent days. The training covered installation, command line, customization, package installation and server management. An important part of the training was guiding them on how to migrate from Windows network to Linux.

Event Date: 
Wed, 2016-03-23

E-content development program at Teachers Training College

 From February 25th to March 3rd 2016, an e-content development program was conducted at Teachers Training College, in which 30 participants were trained in the development and editing of multimedia content. They were taught to use image, audio and video editing tools (Gimp, Audacity and Kdenlive respectively), after which participants created their own video.

ORCA training program

A one-day training program was conducted at TTC on ORCA, software that converts text to speech for the visually impaired. However the program could not reach the intended beneficiaries as only one visually challenged person attended.


IT Workshop for Research Scholars

On 28th January 2016, the Department of Education and SPACE inaugurated an IT workshop for 30 research scholars, who were provided training in using free software, the Internet and ICT. On 30th January, free software tools for teachers were covered. A session on Liberating Knowledge for Liberating Learning was conducted on 3rd February, which included tools for researchers.


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