ICT and New Media Workshop for Civil Society Organisations

SPACE will organise a two day workshop on ICT and New Media for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Kerala from March 5 2010. The workshop aims to enable CSOs to leverage their activities with the use of ICT and New Media tools. Venue: Christ Nagar School, Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram.



FOSS in Science-Workshop on LaTeX and Scilab

A three-day workshop on LaTeX and Scilab will be held at UC College, Aluva from 25 February 2010. The workshop is jointly organised by IIT Bombay, SPACE, Thiruvananthapuram and Bhaskaracharya Prathisthana Institute, Pune.

The workshop will consist of lectures and hands-on sessions in LaTeX and Scilab. LaTeX is a document preparation system that can produce good-looking documents without much difficulty, especially technical documents that contain equations. Its popularity is increasing in Kerala, and it is now part of the Mathematics curriculum of Calicut University.


National Workshop on Scientific Computing with Python

SciPy Workshop PosterThe two day workshop focuses on the python programming language and its applications to science education, scientific research and scientific computing.

Scientific research, especially in computationally intensive areas, typically requires a good grasp of the domain (science/engineering) and a solid computer programming background. Given this context, we illustrate why it is important for scientists and engineers to learn a powerful, Free/Open Source Software, general purpose, scripting language and how Python fits this role very well.


Venue : Institute of Engineering and Technology, University of Calicut, Kohinoor, Thenhipalam P.O, Malappuram-673636.
Date : November 7,8 2009


Eligibility: Background in any branch of science with basic knowledge of computers
Last date: October 31, 2009

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