Richard Stallman in Thiruvananthapuram

Richard Stallman will speak on “A Free Digital Society” in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on 16 January 2014 at 11.30 am. The venue is Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram.
His lecture is being organised by Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) and Society for Promotion of Alternate Computing and Employment (SPACE). Stallman's lecture will mark the completion of 10 years of work by SPACE.

Stallman’s speech will focus on issues of digital surveillance that undermine the foundations of a democratic society. To commemorate the occasion of GNU completing 30 years and SPACE 10 years, the free software community in the city will hold an exhibition on free software and free knowledge. The exhibition will be held on Education Freedom Day, which falls on 18 January 2014. The exhibition, to be held at the bandstand of Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram, will focus on free software and free hardware for education and privacy protection. Various free software groups like Fedora, Mozwomen, HackerSpace and the participants of SPACE's summer camp will present their free knowledge initiatives.

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