We made a Freedom Hunt & You made it Huntable. Thank you all

Swatantra Treasure Hunt is Officially Finishing today. We had 1067 users registered for this hunt and they in total made 1,02,525 attempts so far. It is definitely a great success from our perspective and thanks to all participants who made this hunt successfull.

As you may already know , rather than introducing 'SwatantraHunt' merely as a promotional event for Swatantra2017, we presented it as an alternative and interesting way of acquiring free software related knowledge. Our questions and clues are directly or indirectly intended you to search through terms , stories & individuals in the free software world and finding meaningful relationships among them inorder to solve the problem in hand. It will be right to mention here that some of your performances even broke our calculations and expectations. Hope 'SwatantraHunt' helped you  to gain some free software related knowledge.

Sincere thanks to all people who stand alongside with us during the period of security breach and it gave us the energy to resolve the problems quickly and recover strongly. Game's progress thereafter indicate that it didn't affect our players enthusiasm and involvement , and we are grateful for that. Sincere apologies for the mistakes done from our part and we promise you all that such mistakes wouldnot come in future.

We are planning to release the Source Code of 'Swatantra Treasure Hunt' officially, so that you people can conduct similar hunts in your surroundings. Be careful to detect&correct the security vulnerabilities and improper coding practices that may present in the source code so that your hunt will not get affected as we faced :).

Once again, Congratz to our winners and participants . Don't miss your opportunity for attending the upcoming 'Swatantra2017' conference, since the seats are limited. So please Register as early as possible.