SwatantraHunt:- Lot of Events @ 6th Day

A lot of interesting things happend at Swatantra Hunt today. We got our second and third break point winners and we have crossed 900 user registrations. 'Aswin Ashok' from student category cracked the 16th level break point question at 5.05pm. We have reached 900 users marked at 8.54 pm and finally we got our third break point winner from the techie category 'Kannan V M'. Congrats to both Aswin and Kannan by Space Team.


600 plus Hunters, 150 plus Telegram Users

After successful four days of SwantantraHunt, we are now having 600+ hunt users, or better Freedom Hunters and 150 plus Telegram users . Sometimes even we are astonished the way some questions are broken even without being given any clues. Really things are going out beyond our expectation now, and we are working hard in adding new questions, providing clues at regular intervals, maintaining and updating the site works.

Anyway students and techies  are smater than each other in playing the hunt at the moment...

As per the status of Swatantra hunt, upcoming days might be challenging for the SPACE TEAM....



First Break Point Winner- Swatantra Hunt

Here Comes Our First Break Point Winner...!!!

We got the much awaited Break Point Winner today. 'Ankith Joseph' from Federal Bank Ltd cracked the 11th question at first. Congratz to Ankith from the Space Team and he will receive the announced surprize gift at Swatantra 2017 .


Oh! Now hunt has crossed 500 users

We have crossed 500 hunters in just 3 days. It is definitely an incredible performance and total number of attempts is now above 30,000. Cluemaster is working hard to give the clues. Thanks for Cluemaster.






Level 11 question is declared as 'Break Point Question' . It means that there is not any direct relation from question to answer unless a clue is provided. Special prizes are announced for those who break the break point question at First. We are eagerly waiting to find our first 'Break Point Cracker'...





Hunt Crossing 100 Telegram Users

With hunt reaching its second day, it is continuing with the first day momentum. SwatantraHunt Telegram group designed by Space is getting wider acceptance than we expected. The telegram group is now having  100 plus hunters and getting heavy traffic each day. Currently SwatantraHunt has 350+ users and over 10000 Attempts. A 'Cluemasterbot' is designed to respond for the clue request from various users and is currently doing a fantastic job.



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