Photography workshop at Panamattom National Library

Panamattom National Library, which had created a website during the Web Maker Summer Party 2012, organised photography classes for its volunteers with the help of SPACE on October 2, 2012.

The trainer was Choyikutty Mash, the veteran photographer who has been associating with SPACE in its programmes for local libraries.

Unlike at Jawahar Library at Kozhikode, the 15 volunteers of  Panamattom Library had some prior knowledge of photography. Hence, the class room session was extended to include more technical aspects such as angles, light adjustments etc.

After lunch, the participants set out to click pictures of nature, people and anything that caught their fancy in the neighbourhood. At the end of the workshop, the participants shared the new experience they had with the camera. The pictures taken by the participants were shared and its merits discussed during the workshop. The volunteers have decided to develop a photo document of their village with the support of the library and to post it on the library's site.