FOSS Seminar at Khadi Board

The concept of selling bottled water would sound ridiculous to the older generation who believed water to be free as air. Similarly, knowledge has always been held to be free. Software is a kind of knowledge and it has to be free, said Arun M, Secretary FSF-India speaking  at a seminar on Free Software organised by the Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board in Thiruvananthapuram on January 13, 2008.

Insignia 3.0 Hackerdom begins at Thrissur

Insignia 3.0 Hackerdom, a three-day hacker meet organised by Department of Computer Science, Government Engineering College, Thrissur and Free and Open Source Community of Thrissur opens today. Krishnakant Mane will be the Chief Guest. The event supported by SPACE, Kerala IT Mission and CDIT will conclude on January 11. Visit


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