SPACE's touch based application attracts attention at national disability seminar

SPACE presented three papers at the national seminar 'Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Disability Management', organised by Centre for Disability Studies from 3-4 December 2012 at Kanakakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram. Mr. Rijoy .V, Mr. Deepu Raj and Ms. Nila Ethel presented the topics 'Text to Speech Synthesis & its Applications for the Visually Challenged', 'Assistive Technologies for the Differently Abled', 'Early Intervention Measures for Prevention of Visual Impairment' respectively.

Review of Adolescence Education e-learning Module

SPACE and Curriculum Development Centre, Department of Education, University of Kerala together organised a workshop to review an e-learning module on adolescent education jointly developed by them. A review of this e-module was held on 30 November 2012 at Trivandrum Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram involving experts from State Resource Centre, SCERT, College of Teacher Education, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Kerala Women's Development Corporation, Research Students and NGOs. 

Multimedia training at Navodaya Library, Kadapuzha

One more village library in Kerala will join a small group of libraries striving to reinvent themselves with the help of new information and communication technologies. Navodaya Library, located in Kadapuzha near Sasthamcotta, Kollam has initiated a series of steps in this direction with the help of SPACE. As the first step, seven students-both boys and girls selected by the library participated in workshops conducted by SPACE.


Photography workshop at Panamattom National Library

Panamattom National Library, which had created a website during the Web Maker Summer Party 2012, organised photography classes for its volunteers with the help of SPACE on October 2, 2012.

The trainer was Choyikutty Mash, the veteran photographer who has been associating with SPACE in its programmes for local libraries.


Assistive Technology Workshops at JNU, New Delhi

SPACE organised an eight-day workshop for the Library staff of JNU on Assistive Technologies for the visually challenged from 8-15 September 2012. The main objective of the programme was to equip the Library staff as master trainers to assist the visually challenged to use computers. The entire workshop training module was based on free and open source software. A two day orientation programme intended to sensitize the visually challenged in free software based technologies was also conducted for
the students of JNU.


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