Web Maker Summer Party 2012 in Kozhikkode

It is the third visit to Planning meeting in progressDesaposhini Public Library from SPACE, a 75 year old library in the outskirts of the city of Kozhikode, Kerala. This time it was me, Nikhil and Indu. The library is important historically, for it had a major role in the growth of Malayalam theatre. In an age when men donned the role of female characters on stage, Desaposhini Library began staging plays which had women play the female characters. Some of the actors later became successful in cinema as well.


Web Maker Summer Party 2012

SPACE has been working with the public libraries of Kerala in India since 2011 with the object of strengthening their role in the digital era. One of the planned activities was to develop web content creators among the steady volunteers of the library. In the summer of 2012 (April-May), we started conducting workshops for student volunteers from three libraries in Kerala. We jointly decided the scope of the website, themes to be covered and sources of information. For a month, volunteers of the library went about collecting content for the website.


ICT & New Media Workshop for girl students - A joint venture of SPACE & KSWDC

Over 212 girl students of arts and science colleges of Kerala and 40 college teachers were trained in ICT and New Media under a joint programme of SPACE and Kerala Women's Development Corporation (KSWDC) organised from January to March 2012. The workshops aimed to empower girl students in the use of ICTs by creating awareness on the potential of new media and by building their skills in using the web.

ICT and New Media workshops for Public Libraries of Kerala

What is the role of the public libraries of Kerala in the new knowledge society? What will be their new features? SPACE initiated a series of discussions by posing these questions to a set of rural public libraries in the state. Some of the concerns expressed by libraries related to the preservation of valuable books and records in their possession, documentation of local history and engaging younger members of the public in its activities.

LINUX System Administration Training at IMG Thiruvananthapuram

SPACE conducted a one-day workshop on LINUX system administration on May 4 2012 for government employees of Institute of Management in Government (IMG), Trivandrum. The major topics covered in the training include desktop management, command line, troubleshooting, connectivity, etc. 14 men and 13 women attended the training session.

Event Date: 
Fri, 2012-05-04


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