Free and Open Source Software In Science

4-6 January, 2007

Union Christian College, Alwaye, Kochi Kerala

FOSS In Science (Post Workshop)

A National Workshop on Free Software in Science was held at the Union Christian (UC) College during January 4-6, 2007.There were about one hundred participants including students, teachers and researchers from various parts of India.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. P K Abdul Azis, Vice Chancellor of CUSAT and was presided by Mr. Satish Babu, Executive Secretary, SPACE, Trivandrum.

There were several presentations on various topics including Scientific Computing and Data Visualization using Python and Mayavi, Free Software for Mathematics,Advanced Modeling using Free Software tools and Libraries,Free and Open Source GIS.

Prof. Nagarjuna spoke about Gnowledge and Symantic Web; Dr. V. Sasikumar talked about LaTeX and Free Software tools in Scienctic Computing

Prabhu Ramachandran (who developed MayaVi) presented a talk on the use of Python programming and MayaVi for scientific data visualisation;

Ajith Kumar of Inter University Accelerator Centre demonstrated Phoenix (an acronym for Physics through Home Made Equipment and Innovative Experiments) which is a small piece of equipment that can be interfaced with a computer and an experimental set up (and both the hardware and software are Free);

Manoj Warrier form Institute of Plasma Research presented the possibilities of advanced modeling with Free Software;

Ravi Kumar from GSI presented a talk on FOSS GIS; Dr. Manjusha Joshi from Bhaskaracharya Pratishtan presented a talk on FOSS applications for mathematicians;

Vijay Kumar discussed the use of CVS; Deepak presented a talk on sharing ideas; Prof. Krishnan from Anna University presented a talk on the efforts taken by NRC FOSS.

The Workshop was organised jointly by the FOSS Cell of UC College, SPACE, FSF India and was supported by Kerala State IT Mission and NRCFOSS/CDAC.